As you will have noticed, when I feel more philosophical about crochet and yarn in general, I ramble on in English... :-)

I suppose defining myself as a very keen crocheter doesn't quite cover it! :-)

This will sound extremely clichéd, but yes, it is an addiction. A very positive one, I think (yes, she would say that, wouldn't she?!).


Well first of all, it helps me to clear my head of all the stress and upsets of the day. It is quite meditative. During this time, I work on my posture and I try and be present, in the moment.

Then, it is extremely creative: you make something out of a piece of string, and suddenly it comes alive... the colour, the texture... It's incredible!

Finally, it is a great way of pleasing your loved ones. :-)

Of course, sometimes, you have to try and work out very obscure explanations or diagrams.  Sometimes, it is a great challenge: you have to learn a new stitch, to try and adapt a pattern to your size. But it teaches me persistence always pays off... and it's a little bit like the original meccano boxes: you have all the pieces to make your project, but sometimes, you have to introduce a little bit of yourself and ignore the explanations! :-)

So I don't know what has recently come over me: I have decided to create my first design.

Don't get too excited! It's only for a pair of boot cuffs.

It is currently being tested by three fellow crocheters. So I am very excited to get their feed back and then, we'll see! :-)